Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring has Arrived

I think tomorrow it will begin, and I'm not talking about spring. Tomorrow is when the movie that is my life goes in fast forward. It’s been a long ride here at IslandWood and it comes to an end in 6 weeks. It'll happen fast too. I’m not sure when, if ever, I'll truly process this year in my life. At some point it’ll fall into place amongst the previous years. I’ve had 25 solid years so far, most of which I can’t remember or have only some vague recollection of. Memory is a tricky thing to grasp. Why should I trust it? It’s an imprint of a moment burned into our nerves. A shadow of a flame.

To truly remember something, I think I need a tangible piece of the memory to have in the present time. A letter, a photo, a trinket, a ticket stub, broken necklaces, books I’ve read many times over, even a memorable scent will bring back the images in my mind. I try to keep the things little, they’re easier to transport like that. I’ve gathered a few things from this year and someday I’ll reminisce about my year in the woods. For now, it’s time to keep this train rolling. My west coast adventure lumbers on into its second year.

After a summer spent cruising around the San Juan Islands looking for Orca, I’ll lay low in Seattle during the winter months as I finish my degree at University of Washington. I’m leaning towards the Science Education tract and getting pretty excited for some of the opportunities that may present themselves.

At some point I’ll drop my final post for the year. Who knows who has been reading, but I’ve enjoyed writing.