Thursday, March 26, 2009

Super heroes

I think we're flying high right now in the IslandWood grad program. We just finished a tough quarter and are dangerously close to spring fever. The long cold months of winter are behind us, and two-thirds (!) of the program are already over. I can't speak for everyone, but I feel as though we've accomplished something big in these past few months. When we were bogged down with multiple projects and group meetings, we felt stretched. But we made it through: duh da da DA! Out of sheer passion and resilience and trust in each other. We are superheroes after all-- super duper environment-teaching happiness machines. This photo shows cohort-half "C"--better known as Cohort Sunshine because of the sunny skies we spread as we teach--in our last teaching week together, displaying our unique, internal superdom on the outside. We make a pretty good team of hero-friends, I think! Watch out, all you who stray towards our secret hero lair; you'll have multiple forces to contend with. Cohort "D"--that of the formidable Screaming Eagle--is finishing up their last teaching week as I speak. We'll all retreat for some much needed R&R next week on our spring break, but when we return our powers will be reassembled in new, even more powerful teams, ready for our next chance to save the world!

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