Sunday, May 16, 2010

Days Gone By

With only four weeks left before graduation, the grads are busy writing papers, building portfolios and tying up loose ends with other final projects. In our Non-profit Management class, many grads are learning the grant writing process for a project that involves partnering with local non-profit organizations to write and submit proposals for funding. Grant writing is a detailed, intensive process, but for many grads who want to pursue non-profit work, the learning experience will prove worthwhile. Others are helping non-profits construct business and strategic plans to facilitate organizational growth. Non-profit Management is a good course for those interested in learning more about the inner workings of non-profits and also for those interested in pursuing informal education opportunities.

Many grads continue to make progress on their Independent Study Projects (ISPs). At IslandWood, ISPs present the opportunity to focus on individual areas of interest. I am working with five other grads and partnering with Seattle Parks and Recreation to help high school students tell their personal stories of stewardship through various artistic media. Working on this ISP has already presented opportunities to connect with the Seattle community, and I've been able to participate in beach clean-ups and public park beautifications. Next year, some of the IslandWood grads will continue to work with this Seattle Parks and Rec. program to shape Master's projects as part of the graduation requirements.

In the midst of all the projects and papers, we've somehow managed to remember to have a little fun. Last weekend, the grads gathered at the commons for an impromptu barbeque. Complete with games, food and fire, the gathering allowed the grads to relax and reminisce about the last year and how quickly it has gone by. With only four weeks left, we'd all like to have a little more time for barbequing, but we're also looking forward to the next step!

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