Friday, October 21, 2011

Introducing IslandWood's Grad Class of 2012!

We are 23 individuals with passion and ambition. We have hiked for weeks on end, seen landscapes many only dream about, and sailed vast seas for days. We have taught hundreds of kids, indoors and out. We are counselors, students, therapists, writers, and thinkers. Influenced by childhood walks in the woods, inspired by a vision of a greener world, we are commonly linked here at IslandWood because of our love for nature, belief in education, and our hopeful ideas for the future. We believe in the power of outdoor learning to heal, transform, and ignite a sense of wonder. We each bring a unique perspective on education and our own set of environmental experiences, and we are ready to learn from each other and the greater IslandWood community. Together we are IslandWood’s graduate class of 2012, and here is where we are from…

We Are From…

Iron, Timber, and Fish
A family of strong women
Eyes twinkling with rainbow smiles
A gnarly scar full of blood and great stories
Singing around a campfire
Circular racks in department stores
With snow that covers your porch and melts the next day
Twin sisters that wanted something better than they had
Salty waves, rocky shores, and evergreens
Where I welcome the occasional summer breeze
Cold water, swimming, sailing, rowing
Thunder clap, boom, crash
Optimism that next time will go better
A dreamer and a believer
Exploring the woods and days that would last forever
Pickney you a grow, a you wi’ see
A place whose people are deeply connected to the land
Baking cakes for birthdays
A family that isn’t pure blood but a process of selection
Where sandhill cranes dance and bison wallow
A strong mother and honorable father who taught me to explore and wonder
The ocean
Realizing the journey is never over
We are from. 

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