Friday, January 20, 2012

Snowed In

Because of our glorious three-day weekend in the North Cascades, sparkly white snow was certainly in our hearts and on our minds. There is something entirely magical about a thick, white blanket of snow enveloping the landscape—perhaps it’s the soft silence that it provides, the beauty and uniqueness in each flake, or the prospect of snow angel making. Whatever the fascination, snow was in our conversations and Mother Nature listened. Over the past few days, about six inches of fluffy powder fell on Bainbridge Island, transforming IslandWood into a true winter wonderland. Because of the already green, lush forest, the snow-blanketed woods were more inviting than ever. And, the grads weren’t the only ones who rejoiced in this change of weather: we were joined by a group of 5th and 6th grade students from the Seattle area. Our first student group in the snow, favorite activities of the week included tracking animals and discovering that birds do leave footprints in the snow, unearthing mushrooms on rotting logs under layers of snow and ice, and taking wintery strolls down the Spine Trail. As a special bonus, giving 100 10-year-olds a dream come true, they were snowed in and had to stay an extra night. Before the Seattle rain washed it all away, we snapped some pictures of this magical time on campus.  
 Arriving on campus to snow!
 The snowy Spine Trail
 A wintery walk in the woods
 The grads built a fort!
 Snow-covered grad cabins
  "It heaps its powdery
Crystal flakes,
Of every tree
A mountain makes"
-From Snow by Walter de la Mare

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