Monday, February 27, 2012

A Visit to Wilderness Awareness School

As the final part of our three-part outdoor educator exchange, we headed to the Wilderness Awareness School (WAS) in Duvall, Washington last weekend. Some of us braved the cold and snow (!) in our tents, others stayed cozy in the heated yurt, and all had a great time full of new learning and explorations. We shared many experiences together, including deciphering the complex world of bird language, teaching through storytelling, embarking on adventurous night hikes, and navigating the landscape. Another new experience was all about making fire! Led by a few WAS apprentices, a group of grads learned how to create their own bow drills using found wood in the forest. Three hours whizzed by as we whittled, carved, and singed our creations. Hoping to one day spark a fire using our new tools, we proudly toted them home along with wonderful memories of a great weekend. 

 Building the fire from an ember created by a bow drill (rubbing wood together)
 Tending to the fire
 Julia chopping wood
 Yi-Chuan cutting a piece of wood for his fireboard
 Liz sawing into a piece of cedar
 Stacey creating her fireboard
 Cozy and warm in the Cedar Lodge after a long day

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