Friday, April 20, 2012

Time to Play with Your Food!

This past week, artist Michiko Olson joined us at IslandWood to teach about Japanese history, art, and food in the most engaging ways! Grads and 6th graders alike learned how to act in the Kabuki theater style, how to express ourselves through food by making “our world” in a bento box, and about how nature heavily influences Japanese culture.

On Monday night, the grads gathered for a professional development session with Michiko. The highlight of the night was certainly creating art with fresh veggies and rice. We were eager to show off our creations but even more eager to eat them!

When our students joined in the fun, they loved designing and painting their own Kabuki masks (on paper, of course!) and acting as merchants and samurais (with swords!). Like the grads, making art with their food was the crowning jewel of their experience! Enjoy these pictures from a great week with Michiko.
Michiko teaching us how to write in Japanese
 Decorating our Kabuki masks
Food + art = awesome
 Abigail's rice creation
 Time for the kids to try
 Having fun
 Beautiful food art
 Cute little rice mouse
 Dancing Kabuki style

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