Sunday, November 4, 2012


Howl-O-Ween at IslandWood has come and gone this year,
Yet photographs and memories will forever remain clear.
No candy is needed in a place such as this covered in lichens and moss,
Where each child's mind becomes the driver ensuring no moment is lost.

Rain or shine the moods of grads would simply not diminish,
Until each child who left IslandWood held smile at the finish.


Through costumes clad these info sharers delved into the woods,
Sharing that energy brought with them from embraced childhoods.

As waves were exchanged from teacher to pupil a final focus remained,
When and where would the dance take place for which so many had trained.

The Great Hall filled with enthusiasm and angst from a most excited crew,
Who ensued upon Winslow's main street pavement to pay MJ his due.

As foot step sounds filled the streets of this wonderful harbor town,
A flash mob of Thriller zombies began their reign over those around.

They moved left and they moved right fully committed to the act,
Yet five minutes later the crowd dispersed never to come back.


And so we bid you adieu until one year from now,
When Halloween returns and another grad class creates that wowful wow.


1 comment:

Emma said...

What a wonderful Halloween poem! Great video! We really did it up this year!