Tuesday, May 7, 2013

La Push It!

This past Friday, 16 of us drove to the Olympic coast for a weekend of camping. Our destination? La Push! West of Olympic National Park, La Push resides at the point where the Quillayute River empties into the Pacific Ocean. The weather could not have been better and a wonderful weekend was had by all!

 Beach Ambling
A group of grads birding near one of the rocky outcroppings.

 Hole In The Wall
Hole In The Wall! This was our destination for the day. This well-known arch is only passable during low tide.

A trio of grads watching a seal surf the crashing waves.

 Group Love
Much love, much love.

La Push Group
Our group! Thank you to each and every extraordinary individual who made this weekend so enjoyable!

The finale of our Saturday evening. We couldn't have asked for a better day.

What an amazing weekend! Wonderful people, wonderful scenery, and wonderful weather!

It will not soon be forgotten.


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