Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Back At The Helm.

We are back. And we have been getting it done!

We are in the midst of our Winter Quarter which means... A new set o' classes! This quarter we are immersed in:
  • Environmental Education: Theory & Practice
  • Integrating Arts Across The Curriculum
  • Integrating Technology Across The Curriculum
  • Natural History & Ecology
  • Social & Philosophical Foundations Of Education
In honor of being bombarded with a fresh round of curriculum, I wanted to give a quick look into an experience from our Integration of the Arts course.

Prior to arriving at to class last week, we had the task of watching the 2001 documentary Rivers & Tides, which details the creative works of one Mr. Andrew Goldsworthy. If you aren't familiar with Goldsworthy and his work, I encourage you to peruse his website which can be found by clicking on his name, located in the previous sentence.

In class, we had a brief discussion about Goldsworthy, spoke about how we could incorporate his artwork into our teaching, and then it was off to the field!

Without further adieu...

Patiently placed, Sword Fern leaves extend into space.

Careful coloration as darkly pigmented leaves lead to light.

A circular Salal creation framed by limbs.

Big Leaf Maple leaves interwoven amongst the foliage, along with carefully constructed grassy rings.
Deliberately placed Western Red Cedar leaves along a soddy serpent.

If you've never attempted artwork similar to this or Goldsworthy's, I would encourage you to get out and get after it!

Until next time.


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