Friday, February 1, 2013

Embracing Their Inner Goldworthy

Our recent Goldsworthy lesson paved the way for this week's students to fully immerse themselves in creativity. After an introduction to Andy Goldsworthy's artwork, students were set loose upon Blakely Harbor. Here are a few of their pieces.

A driftwood ninja created by two students. While debriefing the lesson, one of the students stressed how each piece of wood was integral to the formation of the piece. He bent over, grabbed a small piece of wood and said, "This piece doesn't look important when you hold it in your hand but it's actually the perfect piece for the elbow."

A collaborative color gradation assembled by three students. It took careful beach combing to bring this to life.

 Rock Demon
And finally, this "Rock Demon" was developed by two students who spent much of their time carefully crushing brick pieces into fine dust so they could "paint" the face on this rock. After they constructed their canvas, they collected vegetation for the hair, rocks for its eyes and mouth, and a Rosehip berry for it's nose.

The tide was the lowest I've experienced at Blakely Harbor and inevitably it began to rise as we departed. As one of our ninja artists caught a final glimpse of his creation he asked, "Do you think my ninja will be there next week?" "I don't know," I replied. "Either way I'll never look at that spot the same again."


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Amanda Z said...

This post relays some awesome moments from a teaching week. I love hearing the stories about pivotal moments in SOP when a student's thoughts or actions change.
Thanks, Riley!