Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Clay Animation!

IslandWood has been so very fortunate to host Artist In Residence Lukas Allenbaugh this week for our School Overnight Program. Lukas is the Inventor and Director of the Clay Animation Network. What exactly does this mean? Simply put, this week Lukas is playing host to four lucky groups of students who will create short clay animation films detailing some the IslandWood currciulum. Those films are still in the process of being completed. Let the suspense build.

However, last night Lukas did a Professional Development Seminar for the graduate students and it was... AMAZING! Using the 12th generation of Lukas' film station creations, we dove in head first. He has fine-tuned his craft throughout the years and has engineered an incredibly simple yet sophisticated arrangement that combines iPads, Legos, and a few other assorted materials into transportable filming stations. We all embraced such a wonderful opportunity and totally went for it.

Don't believe me, take a look for yourself!

Love Explosion

Hungry Birds

Paging Dr. Seaworthy

Riley and Megan Play Catch
Clay animation is unbelievably addicting. Should you ever have the opportunity, seize it!


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