Saturday, February 9, 2013



Ecosystems, Ecosystems, Ecosystems! IslandWood is chockafulla' ecosystems. We have the pond. We have the forest. We have the marsh. We have canopies. We have the ravine. We have the haarbah (harbor). And, we have the bog.

Thursday brought about a highlight of my IslandWood experience as we donned rubber boots and went in to explore the bog for our Natural History & Ecology course. Delicately traveling upon the Sphagnum Moss, we pushed onward while exploring the resilient plants only found in this often times "nutrient-lacking" environment.

Rather than spoil such a Narnic environment, I am hoping that the word Sphagnum has already whetted your appetite for some future boggin'. If not, you might be interested to know that the verdict is still out on whether IslandWood's bog is actually a bog or whether it is in fact a fen.

Either way, it is way more fun to say boggin' than is is to say fenin'.

Chockafulla', over and out.


P.S. Tread lightly... There are some boot breachin' sink holes out there.

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