Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Teaching Through Song

We are lucky enough to have another amazing Artist in Residence with us this week. Joe Reilly singer, songwriter and educator extraordinair is here to lead the School Overnight Program students in songs at evening campfire and is working with four field groups to create songs of their own! 

Last night he also led a professional development session with the grads and staff and helped us work through the process of creating our own group song: "Every Heart Lives in a Watershed" (working title). Now, I'm admittedly pretty biased but with lines like "It's not a house with water in it" and "Connecting water sources for the raccoons, humans, bears and horses" I think we might have a hit on our hands. Check it out in the video below. I've posted the lyrics in case you want to sing along. Enjoy!


Every Heart Lives in a Watershed
By IslandWood Grads and Staff and Joe Reilly

Verse 1 (D & G)
It's not a house with water in it.
The highest point is where we begin it.
An area of land where the water drains.
A collection of streams from the mountains to the plains/planes.

Chorus x 4 (D & G)
Watersheds within watersheds
It keeps flowing and growing
From where it starts to where it ends
Everyone lives in a watershed

Verse 2: (D & G)
Connecting water sources
for the raccoons, humans, bears and horses
it's everywhere water goes
sometimes its fast, sometimes its slow

Chorus x 4 (D & G)
Bridge: (E minor & D)
Runoff from city streets
Dog poop and trash from last week
The rain picks it up and it trickles down
pollutes the water in our town
pollutes the water in the ground
pollutes in the Puget Sound

Verse 3: (D & G)
So scoop dog poop and pick up trash
ride your bike
Hey! tell your class!
Its important to keep it clean
you can start in your closest stream
use your heart and your head
every heart lives in a watershed

Chorus x 4 (D & G)
Every heart lives in a watershed

Thinking about using our song? Have thoughts on using song writing as a teaching tool? Share your comments below!

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