Monday, February 28, 2011

IslandWood Rides the 38th Annual Chilly Hilly!

The IslandWood crew get ready for some chilly hills!
(Roxann, Emily, Cornelia, Jeff, Wak-Wak, Clancy, Ray and Ian)
The name sure did not lie. The temperature hovered around 40 degrees today, and if you were lucky, you experienced rain and snow! Over 2,500 feet of hills were tackled during the 33-mile ride around Bainbridge Island. About 3,700 bikers joined the crowd this year, including a handful of motivated IslandWooders!

Very important to stay hydrated!
We stayed together for the first half hour (the rule was: do not pass Wak-Wak until we get to Bay Hay and Feed) and enjoyed some encouragement from IW supporters. (Thanks J.P., Ronnie, Mac and everyone else who cheered us on!) There were lots of cheerful spectators along the way as well as spectacular views of the Sound and Seattle that I didn't even know existed on Bainbridge!

Resting and regrouping at Bay Hay and Feed (a Bainbridge landmark that didn't quite make it into the photo)

A perfect time for toe-warmers!

Wak-Wak makes a friend at Frog Rock

The event was an incredible experience. Not an easy 33 miles by any means, some of us opted for an abbreviated Mini-Chilly Hilly this time around. We headed over to one of our off-campus grad's digs to enjoy a lovely afternoon of grilling out and warming up. There's always next year... :)

Cheers to Ray and Ian (Clancy too!) for battling all 33 miles!

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