Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Look Back at Arts Integration

Laura captivates the crowd with admirable storytelling skills!
Only one week is left in the quarter and time is flying by! Arts Integration was a great experience. With Hillary as our instructor, we were guided through innovative, creative and motivational lessons. We took a trip to Olympic Sculpture Park a couple of weeks ago and expressed ourselves through haikus.

The park and a sculpture overlooking the Puget Sound

So many shapes!

Enjoying a beautiful day in Seattle from many perspectives

What a nice tree!
Friday marked the end of the road for Arts Integration. Our final projects were shared in the Great Hall - and everyone was invited. I am in awe of how creative and unique our grad class is! Stories were performed, poetry was shared, lessons were sampled, photos and videos were shown, drawings and other works were displayed, and music was heard. All of it was incredible.

Cassie shows Ian how to beat the chlorophyll out of a leaf! Zowie!
First portion of the gallery walk. Danny displays her incredible 10-day journey with poetry and photos from Bainbridge Island. Kasey talks about her original lesson creation on tessellation, and down at the end, Amanda shares her 10-day journey with food through watercolors, while Blake shares 10-days of haikus capturing his relationship with water!

Chris shares his victory with poetry

Second half of the gallery walk: Amanda shares her original lesson on leaf prints, Adam shares sketches from a 10-day spiritual journey, Bonnie shares her 10-day relationship with birds, Clarissa with song, and Cornelia with haikus of her dog-walking adventures!

Laura shows off a sword fern print!

JP stands beside her 10-day relationship with picking up trash - so cool!
Ashley talks to Hillary about her grad community-inspired work

Just for an added bonus, please enjoy the next photo of grads letting out some energy during a workshop with Jessica last month! Surprise!


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Hillary said...

oh Roxann! this was an incredible and lovely surprise to see your post. thanks so much for highlighting your peers creativity!